U.S. Optician: "These New Lens Cleaners Are Incredible - You Won't Find Better In America!"

By Ryan Connor, Expert Health

If you wear glasses like myself (and 207 million other Americans!), you probably spend most of the day trying to scrub the dirt and grease off your lenses, only to find an oily smudge waiting for you after. It's infuriating the number of stains, scratches, scuffs and fingerprints I’ve unsuccessfully tried to clean off my glasses over the years.

I’ve tried hundreds of different cloths and wipes, but nothing removes the dirt and grease - i’m always left with a smudge. After years of living with dirty, bacteria ridden lenses, I’d completely given up hope of ever finding a good lens cleaner. Then one day last week, my optician friend mentioned this incredible gadget he had been recommending to his clients & it literally changed my life after I started using it!

So, What Is This Incredible Gadget?

Peeps is a revolutionary new way to get spotless lenses every time. Using a patented “Invisible Carbon Formula” Peeps removes 99% of dirt & grease. The clever gadget is made up of a retractable, scratch resistant brush to remove dust & abrasive particles, soft carbon microfiber pads - coated in patented carbon cleaning compound - to remove oil & fingerprints, and a compact carry case to keep it discreet. Peeps is so good in fact, its even been approved by the U.S. Military and used in space by NASA.

5 Reasons You Need Peeps In Your Life

With Peeps you no longer need to live with dirty, greasy, bacteria-ridden lenses. My glasses are as clean as the day I bought them - using Peeps every day has literally changed my life. Get Your Peeps Today.

How To Order Peeps

Due to extremely high demand (over 1.7M Peeps were sold last month) in America - stock is severly low in a lot of US states. Luckily we've been able to reserve 50 Peeps for everyone reading this article, but hurry, it's proving so popular they will definately sell out today. To get your Peeps today, click your state on the map below.