Ex-Nascar Mechanic Reveals Brilliant Car Gadget That Can Save You $1000s

By Dan Thomas

An ex-Nascar mechanic has recently revealed a remarkable gadget he says was his teams “secret to minimising car repair costs and optimising performance”. The mechanic, who spent the last 27 years working with some of the most well-known Nascar drivers says this gadget deserves to be in the hands of the public - and it finally is.

The gadget itself is incredibly clever. You see, most American’s (myself included) actually don’t know the first thing about their cars. Do you know what the 'check engine light' means? When do your tyres need changing? How many miles until your car needs a service? I certainly don't have a clue!

So What Is This Gadget?

The gadget is called FIXD and you simply plug it into your car (it works with any car built sice 1996), connect it to an app on your phone and it tells you everything you need to know about your car This includes when to service your car, what all the flashing lights on the dashboard mean (even that annoying ‘check engine light’) and much more. So with FIXD, you’ll know when even the slightest thing is wrong with your car and how to fix it - before it becomes a full blown crisis costing you thousands.

What Did Our Mechanic Make Of FIXD?

We decided to give FIXD a test ourself to see if it really was as good as everyone was saying. What our mechanic discovered was incredible - watch the short video below for the full review - it's worth it, you could save $1000s in car repairs.

Should you get FIXD?

Definately! With over 3.7 million sold in 2017, car drivers are turning to this small, easy to use device, rather than calling the mechanic. FIXD could save you $1000s every year in unnecessary mechanic bills and it's so easy to use, even my 68 year old mom was able to set it up with her car!

To check if FIXD is still available in your area, click your state on the map below, or the big green button underneath.

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